This International Tournament of VC Krimpen stands for two days of top volleyball with the best youth teams in the Netherlands and beyond. Due to the high level and the great atmosphere, this tournament is known well for years. Partly because in the past many teams from different countries participated in this tournament, such as Italy, Denmark, Germany and Belgium. For the coming year, several foreign teams are invited.
Each year we try to make the schedule just so that the teams play a lot and on average have to wait for two matches between their own matches.



The Paastoernooi will take place on Saturday April 20 and Monday April 22, 2019. On Saturday the tournament will start at 08:30 and finish at 19:00. On monday the tournament will continue and will end with the finals, this is expected to finish at 17:00. However, all times are subject to reserves and depending on the number of entries. There is the opportunity to train on friday evening (April 19). On sunday there will be a short tournament for those teams who stay at Sport hall the ‘Populier’, this outside tournament will probably take place on sand or on grass.
For whom:
This tournament is for men and women. Although there are no strict regulations regarding the age of the players, we aim to welcome youth players up to and including the age of 24.
In order to maintain the high level, we try to create a strong competition each year. We therefore focus primarily on 2nd division teams or above, the minimum level is an 3rd division team.  We are aware of the differences in levels for international teams, we therefore would recommend those teams to contact us directly on in order to sign-up.
The matches will take place in the beautiful sport hall ‘De Boog’ in Krimpen aan den IJssel, The Netherlands. See contact tab for directions. This hall is NOC-NSF approved and has a wooden floor. Free wifi-hotspot is available.
The registration fee for participation in the Paastoernooi is €135 per team. This includes tickets for the ‘paasfeest’ (party), see below. There is the possilibity to stay in the Sport Hall the ‘Populier’ from Friday 15 April until Monday (20 April) morning, which will cost €15 per person for the whole weekend including breakfast for the whole weekend and a lunch on sunday. There is also € 50 deposit per team, which normally will be refunded within two weeks after the tournament. You can register directly from the sign-up tab. Registration is only guaranteed if the money is received on NL62 RABO 0351 9738 18 and you have received a confirmation. As stated before, we would recommend international teams to contact us directly on in order to sign-up
Het paasfeest (party):
On Saturday there is a great and well-known ‘paasfeest’ to end the first day. For the participating teams entry is free, for others tickets are available at the Sports Café ‘De Boog’. The party will start around 22:00 and finish at 02:00
Stay for the night:
For each team, it is possible to stay for the nights in the Sports Hall the ‘Populier’ which is located within a 15-minute walk from the Sports Hall ‘De Boog’. The opportunity is there to stay until Monday morning and starting on Friday evening. Of course, all sanitary facilities are available. For directions to the Sport Hall the ‘Populier’ please press on contact. We will charge €15 per person for the whole weekend. Thereby, breakfast on Saturday, Sunday and Monday is included as well as a lunch on Sunday.  On Sunday we will try to arrange a short tournament,  this outside tournament will probably take place on sand or on grass. If you do not like to play volleyball outside, we can always recommend to visit the beautiful city Rotterdam, which is accessible by car within 15 minutes.
Food and drinks:
Sports Café ‘De Boog’ is located in Sport hall ‘De Boog’ and supports us each year with some food and drinks. Just like last years it is possible to get lunch and diner in this café.
Competition rules:
All teams play always three sets to 21 with a difference of 2 points. The finals are based on the best of three principle, with an possibility of a fifth set which is only up to 15 points. It is mandatory for the teams to wear with different shirt for any libero and an uniform shirt for the rest of the team. For detailed regulations, please mail to